Climb Her Erotic Mountains!featuring Valery Summer

The weather may be getting colder if you’re living in one of the autumnal November climes, but as long as Denys DeFrancesco and his camera crews bring you new talents like Valery Summer and her magnificent melons, well,
you’ll always feel warm! Yes, this is her first appearance on our site, although she made a BIG impression last March on our sister site Just look at Val: gorgeous seductress face with provocative eyes and a lush mouth; and a bangin’ bod that kisses the tape at 40C-25-36! Now we present Valery in a low-cut bustier-style top and blue denim short-shorts that spotlight her outstanding cleavage as well as her fantastic thighs. Wouldn’t you like to have those legs wrapped around your neck as you look up at the mountain range in her top, knowing that with a little effort you could work your way up to those erotic Everests and satisfy your cravings for big chewy nipples and a massive serving of Gazonga Supreme?Valery gives us so much in this set! We get cleavage teasing...lots of it. And when her boobs are bare, she squeezes, kneads, tugs and tweaks those sensuous suckers. You’ll be able to worship them from any angle you need--from above, from straight on, and looking up at her, goddess-style! Dig the tattoos of butterflies that flutter across her tummy! Drool over her pretty size 6 toes, too! Check out her shaved pink pie, and then stare and stroke as she covers her titties in lotion until they shine, like an appetizer for the vibrator show she gives us at the end! And then she licks her own nipples, leaving gleaming drops of her saliva on those crinkly nubs. What a girl! Glad to have you with us, Valery!