Sheila's marvelous mammaries!featuring Sheila Grant

Sheila Grant returns to seduce you in her twenty-sixth appearance on our site--she made her twenty-fifth only last week, in a double with Dona Bell. But judging by the early member response, this new solo set arrives not
a moment too soon! Already the site is getting comments and requests for more and more Sheila!This set superbly showcases everything that makes Miss Grant a mammary marvel! With her 36D cleavage bursting out of her red bra under a tight white blouse, she gives us an intense grey-eyed look that encourages us to take out our cocks. When she stands up, we savor her amazing curves in the tight mini-skirt. Sheila unearths her beauties out of her bra and licks and sucks the nipples, then peels out of her skirt to display the incredible shape of her full body, frosted only by the red lingerie. Sheila hefts and squeezes her boobs for us, then sticks a long black-and-white vibrator between them. She splays her pussy apart to show us where that lucky toy is headed, then sticks in her fingers to prepare the way. The toy follows promptly, and then Sheila gives us doggie style views with the vibe sticking out of her slit.Sheila takes off her panties and wraps them around her rack as a kind of harness, then sticks the vibrator back in her snatch. It does its horny job on her clit as she turns herself upside down against the couch, licking her tatas as she races to orgasm. Then we get some beautiful full-length shots at the end, where she stretches across the floor like the voluptuous Hungarian goddess that she is! Don’t miss Sheila Grant this week!!