You'll worship this godess!featuring Carol

We lucky breast lovers are given a new set of Carol from the Czech Republic, who is definitely one of the finest models on the DDF roster. And this new pictorial--her thirty-seventh since 2005--is one of her best as she poses
in a purple halter, black lacy bra, black miniskirt, and black peep toe pumps. She tempts us with her boobs still in the bra, and then out of it.She leans over so we can see her knockers swing and sway, and she plays with her pussy and asshole too. She squats on her haunches and thrusts her crotch at us while pressing her paps together and almost daring us to jump into the pictures to kiss, lick, and fuck every desirable inch of her magnificent body.What makes Carol such a great model, besides her gorgeous 34F-26-38 figure? It’s her amazing face, which is not only beautiful but extremely expressive. She works magic with her eyes, and seems like different kinds of women in her pictures. In one shot she’ll look regal, like a queen--which is natural enough when you’re a chesty girl being photographed from below, but Carol really does look like royalty of some special sort. In another shot, she’ll look friendly and accessible like the sexy neighbor next door. Her great smile can easily move from being seductive to playful, and she looks as if she has a great sense of humor.When I go to strip clubs, sometimes the dancers ask me what kinds of women I like, and they always think I’m going to answer in purely physical terms, like “big boobs” or “sexy legs.” But what I find most alluring in women is CHARISMA--a quality defined in an online dictionary as “compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others.” And Carol has charisma in spades.