You'll spurt gallons for Sharon!featuring Sharon Pink

Almost like a Czech version of American starlet Jessica Simpson, lusty blonde Sharon Pink looks positively “hooterrific”! I love the high angle shots caught by Denys DeFrancesco and his camera crews which give us nice views
down Sharon’s deep cleavage shadow. If you’ve been reading this newsletter for awhile, you know I’m a cleavage freak, love to be teased by a deep tit valley, and the way Sharon looks up at me with a mischievous grin on her face makes me want to stop typing and...and...well, you fill in the blanks!We get a lot of superb teasing here as Sharon uses a couch to roll around, laying on her back or kneeling on it--everything to show off that boobage without letting us see her nipples! Makes ye old newsletter scribe just want to suck them all the more!! Waaaahhh!! Show me your nipples already, Miss Sharon!!!And finally she does. Wow, how big and sweet and chewy they look! She knows she makes us (ME!) crazy with horniness! Then she shows us (ME!) her horny thirtysomething pussy, and it’s ripe for finger and tongue play! Her wonderful red-jeweled false fingernails slide deep into her slot, then she goes back to tantalizing us (ME! ME! ME!) with her glands. She plays peekaboo with her nips, squeezing them, pressing against them, and then distracting us by showing us her pussy and asshole for awhile. But she comes back again and again to her boobs, even as she takes down her panties and fingers herself in gigantic closeups. Finally at the end she even takes off her bra for us, but quite frankly, I had to rest up by that point...because I’d already fired off two loads!!