The Soapy Goddess!featuring Sheila Grant

There is a reason why pretty girls washing cars is such a popular theme in glamour photography: it can really bring out the best in a model, truly show her stuff. And when a model is filled with the right stuff to begin with,
as Busty Legend Sheila Grant is in this car-wash scene on, well, you’ve got a classic in the making!Sheila starts out in her yellow bikini top, blue denim shorts, and trainers as she hoses down a pickup truck. We get to see those glorious 36Ds from all the angles a breastman would desire, as Denys DeFrancesco and his camera crews capture the Grant gazongas straight on, from the side, and looking down at her cleavage. She quickly takes off her shorts so she can work more comfortably just in her bikini, and as she soaps the car she presses the suds against her bra-covered boobs as well. But when she finally takes down her bra, that’s when things really heat up. The bra comes off at just the right moment, and her tits look so wonderfully wet and juicy, especially in some fantastic lower angles which also capture for posterity Sheila’s earth-mother hips in all their curvaceous splendor. Sheila keeps washing the car, leaning over it and pressing her paps against the hood as she rubs and scrubs with a purple sponge...then she gives us some great back shots that spotlight her derriere as well as the dramatic tattoos which seem to dance up and along her shoulders. Taking off her bikini bottom, she masturbates a bit with the sponge, even as her beautiful boobs hang free and soapy above...and then she pours the bucket of water all over herself for a glorious finish.