Titties in the Tub!featuring Clanddi Jinkcego,  Rebecca Jessop

Clanddi Jinkcego comes upon Rebecca Jessop relaxing in the bath, and sparks immediately fly between the two mega-mammed babes as Rebecca rinses her 36F bells with the swirling water. Clanddi quickly takes off her bra to display
her 34DDs to her friend, who can’t wait to get her hands and mouth on those colossal glands. As Clanddi leans over, Rebecca licks her nipples, which harden into tight little nubs. Our cameras capture some great shots of Miss Jessop nourishing herself on those hot suckers. Rebecca helps Clanddi peel off her panties and sandals, and then Miss Jinkcego joins her in the tub. Clanddi continues to feed her knockers into Rebecca’s lips, but then Becky goes lower so she can sup on her pal’s snatch. Her tongue wiggles snake-like over Clanddi’s clit, until Clanddi decides it’s time to get some cunny herself. She kneels in the tub and laps at Rebecca’s slit for quite awhile. There are some great shots of Clanddi kneeling in the water with her butt jutting out--just perfect for one of US to jump into the scene and give it to her doggie style!! We wish!! ;) With the whirlpool jets turned on full blast, Clanddi sits in the tub and continues to finger and lick Rebecca while the water splashes all around her enormous melons. At the end, the two ladies stand tit-to-tit, their nipples pressed together in a sweet little smooch!