Heavy Hooters and Hairy Pie!featuring Vanessa

Vanessa from Poland pays us a visit on today and it’s an earthy and lusty encounter you will savor time and again! Relaxing in a window seat in the bathroom, this incredibly curvy redhead gets our boners going even while
she’s still in a tight striped minidress, but she soon peels it down and our tongues immediately start to hang at the stunning sight of her 34DD-30-41 frame. And what’s that peeking through the sides of her panties? An incredibly hairy muff, although nicely trimmed. Vanessa thrusts her magnificent booty at us too, then takes off the last of her clothes and stands against the window sill with her legs spread, her triangle of fur an invitation for all who love not just big knockers, but thick pubes.Vanessa walks around the bathroom, letting us feast our eyes at her shapeliness, then she heads into the shower stall where she drenches that body and we get to see it from all the angles that make breast men hard! Shooting up at her jugs as well as straight on, our DDF cameras immortalize her cleavage as well as her curl-clotted pie. She squeezes her nipples and soaps them along with her snatch and ass, then sits down on the floor of the stall and sucks a big purple ribbed dildo. Her tits, tummy and twat are covered in a swirl of bubbles as she first tit-fucks the phallus and then crams it into her clam. Squatting on the floor with the toy inside her crotch, she soaps her boobs even more, before standing up and over us and continuing to masturbate. Finally she rinses her entire body until it gleams with wetness, but before she wraps herself in a towel, bends over to show us not just her hairy beaver, but her amazingly hirsute heinie crack!