You'll need a shower yourself!featuring Gabriella

Gabriela is with us twice this week! she returns in an expanded version of a bathroom shower set she did awhile back. Wearing a two-piece white top and panties, she wets herself so we can see her breasties through the skimpy
material. When she finally peels to show her drenched boobies, we’re totally in her power again. The cameras of DDF Productions capture not just her sly smiles, but the amazing shape of her slender but curvy body as she stands in the sopping scanties. She backs into the corner and takes her panties down. By the gods, this girl has huge fucking tits! (Didn’t we say that already??) She covers up her nipples, then shows them; covers them again, then reveals them. But she does this relentless teasing in such a friendly, kind way, that you can’t help but adore Gabriela and pledge that you’ll give her one more creamy load of appreciation!But Miss G gifts us with even more. Out comes the body lotion, to work up a lather on every inch of her nudity! And the rinse leaves her titties shiny and clean. Afterward she wraps herself in a towel which just barely contains her knockers. At the end, she’s only showing us her cleavage at the top of the towel. I guess that means it’s time to stop sweating and stroking and take a shower ourselves!!