Wet T-Shirt Titillationfeaturing Donna Bell

Holy moly, if you needed repairs done around your house, wouldn’t you like Dona Bell to show up to do them?? Today this Romanian hottie is outfitted for, um, tough work in her tank top, blue denim cut-offs, tool belt, and
work boots. The fact that her eyes are made up for seduction might be a clue, however, that banging nails is not exactly the only thing on her mind! Drenching her top with a bottle of water, she gives us wet t-shirt titillation and cleavage peeks at her mouthwatering 38Ds, and as she peels down her shirt and takes out her hammer, pressing it between her knockers, it’s clear that very few repairs are going to get done. Instead the handle of the hammer finds its way into her smooth snatch (how smart that she wears no panties!) and Dona gives us a hot big tits porn show as she sits down on the floor, wraps her boobs in her shirt to push them out toward us, and gets naked except for her tool belt and shitkickers!