Fly the Busty Skiesfeaturing Leanne Crow

Leanne Crow from Great Britain shows why the line she flies for is superior to any other. You see, as a stewardess, Leanne gets to showcase her 34H cleavage in a way that makes irrelevant the fact that Knocker Airlines doesn’t
offer its passengers any peanuts or drinks or meals. Yes, Leanne’s passengers are happy because they get to see her walking up and down the aisles with that insane cleavage, bending over to ask if they want a pillow or a magazine. And then, after a busy busty day up in the air, Leanne checks in at her hotel where she’s more than ready to show US what the passengers could only imagine. Leanne takes out her massive glands in all their startling firmness and looms over us in the corridor outside her hotel room, running her white-gloved hands between her bells, swinging them, then kneeling on the carpet for our study, approval, and semen release. Miss Crowe presses her juggs together, squeezing them so the line of her cleavage is so tight and enticing. Then she bends over to let those sensuous sacks sway toward the ground. Wait until you see her pancake shots, they’re incredible--but don’t forget the attractions of her butt in its thong or her shapely legs in nylon stockings, too! Yes, Leanne Crowe is the IDEAL stewardess, offering total distraction from the anxieties of modern air flight.