May I have a mouthful Misha?featuring Misha

How alluring she looks as she stands in the shower stall wearing her blue-and-white bra and panty set! Her Czech cleavage beautifully overflows the cups, inviting our tongues to dally in the valley! If only a computer screen
didn’t separate us! But it’s funny, when I take out my pecker to stroke in awe, it almost seems as if the screen doesn’t exist and I’m right there in the stall with her.We get a LOT of good tease with Misha in her undies. As masters of erotic photography, Denys DeFrancesco and his camera crews know that men like to be tantalized, that a woman’s body is also very exciting BEFORE she gets nude! So they give us many shots of Misha showing off her shape while still in her cups and panties, which make the ultimate unveiling of her 34DD beauties all the more thrilling. Misha looks warmly into our eyes as she thrusts her brown nipples in our direction.She squeezes and tweaks and pulls her nips. She presses her bosom against the tile wall. Finally she slides down her panties and we can see her pussy too, shaved and plump and ready to be spread by her fingers to make us even more hungry for her body. What a tongue feast she presents, from teats to tush! Her pussy is pink and her asshole is yummy, nice bonuses to savor along with those bells!Misha bathes and we see the stiffening of her nipples. The slit of her pussy is drenched in water that slides down toward our faces. She seems to be getting aroused by the shower blasts on her crotch...well, so are we, Misha! What a beautiful body you have, what tempting titties.