Eagerly kneeling and bobbing!featuring Monalee,  Tom

I have a new boyfriend named Tomas and he’s been really great but he’s got a one track mind, all he seems to think about is pussy. He’s been non stop trying to get in my pants but if I’ve told him once I’ve told him
sixty-nine times, first I’ll give you a Blow Job and If you’re a good boy then I’ll let you stick it in. We were on the bed up on our knees fooling around, Tomas was playing my boobs and rubbing my body all over, he began kissing me on my neck and then we started kissing each He lifted my shirt up and began playing with my boobs and then he tried to slip his hand down my skirt. I thing he thought about the Blow Job that he was about to get and decided that it was better not to fuck a good thing up. I leaned him back and lifted up his shirt and began licking and kissing his stomach and rubbing his cock, I could feel that he was getting excited by the rapid growth of his cock. I pulled his cock out and sliped him right in my mouth, sucking, licking and stroking him up and down as I held and rubbed his balls. Tomas started pulling at my top and I got up on my knees and took it off and then I got back down into Doggy and went right back to sucking him off. I ringed his hardened cock with my fingers and began stroking and suckng him off at the same time and then Tomas got up on his knees and I licked and sucked his cock and balls. I pulled his hard slick cock from my mouth and Tomas went and sat at the end of the bed, he pulled my panties down and started licking and kissing my ass getting me all excited. I pushed him back and got on top with my twat right in his face and then I opened my mouth up wide and slipped his thick cock back inside and sucked him off as he togued my horny snatch. I got from on top of Tomas and laid down and he got above me up on his knee and then he lifted my head up to his cock and I sucked him off hands free. He laid down beside me and I went right back to work in his cock, stroking, licking and sucking from his nut sack straight up. I teasingly licked the throbbing tip of his dick and I knew he was close to explode so I started jerking on his cock as ard as I could until he shoot his load off all over my tits and on my face and then I licked and sucked his cum dripping cock and played with my cum covered tits.