Luba her hand up baby!featuring Luba Love

Hey Guys, It’s me Luba you remember, your nasty little Russian girl. I heard that you have this fist to pussy fetish thing going on and I just wanted to know if it was true. It’s okay trust me I’m not upset at all in fact
I understand because I do to. I learned a long time ago to listen to my body, it will always tell you exactly what it needs. But somewhere along the line I think my body got a mind of its own because it always seems to come up with the wildest request. Take this morning for example. I woke up horny as hell, I masturbated and had a big orgasm and then not even an hour after I was done my body said, “I want to be fucked by your entire hand”. Like I said I listen to my body and always do try to honor its request and since you have this fist to pussy fetish thing of yours you’re more than welcome to jerk and cum along. I stood against the wall moving my body from side to side and dancing around and then I began playing with my boobs, rubbing and squeezing them and my ass. I leaned over and stuck out my ass and started rubbing it on the wall, holding and squeezed my big soft tits as I danced my way over to the sofa. I reached down and pulled my panties up tight in my snatch and started pulling them back and forth, getting her ready for her big day. I pulled my top down and began playing with my breast, squeezing and shaking them and pulling on my nipples. I just love my big tits there’s so much I can do, I can lick, suck and bite them and my nipples too. Now that my boobs and nipples are happy I laid down on the sofa and began rubbing my pussy, I could feel the warmth from the inside out. I started sucking on my tit as I rubbing my pussy round and round, and then I pulled my panties to the side and slowly slipping my finger inside. As soon as I got past the entry I could feel my twat was well on its way to wet so I spread my snatch wide open for you jerker’s at home to see. I slid my fingers in and out of my pink hole as I played with my tits and sucked on my nipple, I rubbed and fingered my horny clit and then stood just to take off my panties. I laid back down and lifted my legs up high with my ankles bound by my panties, and I slid my fingers back in my pussy and started moving them in and out. I slid my fingers in and out cunt opening myself up wider every time. I added a finger one at a time, until I had four fingers inside. I fingered and stretched my pussy wide open and then I licked and sucked on my hand, getting it all lubed up for going in my snatch. I slipped my hand in my pussy, that’s right four fingers and a thumb deep, my pussy was wrapped around my fist tight, I could move it in and out but opening it was out. I rolled over onto my side and fingers and stretched my pussy from behind. I laid on my back and played with my tits and snatch and then I slid my fingers back inside, fucking my pussy four fingers deep. I pulled and stretched on my nasty cunt trying to see how far it would go and then I got my horny ass into Doggy and stuck my hand in my snatch wrist deep. I reached back and spread my ass wide open and then I gave my hand a re slobbering lube, I stuck my fist back in my cunt and spread myself open from below. I pulled my hand from my sloppy snatch and then stuck it right back in, watching my twat expand and contract as I pulled my hand in and out. I turned and sat up on the sofa and started rubbing my puss and sucking my tits and then I shoved my fist back in my pussy, filling my hole from the inside out. I took of my top and then went right back to fist fucking my cunt fucking myself as hard as I could, trying my best to make myself cum. I pulled my fist from my sloppy beat up cunt and started rubbing and licking my tits and nipples, I pinched and pulled my nipples straight up and started shaking my tits like crazy.