Vivacious redhead gobbles a goose!featuring Tarra White,  Martin Gun

Hi Guys It’s me Tarra White, Did you miss me while I was gone? I know that it’s been a while but I’m back now and ready to have some serious fun. I was out with some of my girlfriends at this Grand Opening for this new
club in Prague and I met this guy named Martin Gun, he made it clear right from the start that he wanted a piece of my ass. I didn’t want to mislead him at all so let him know up front, that it wouldn’t be cheap but definitly worth every dead president he had. We had a few drinks and talked for a while and then I took him back to my place to play, I don’t think this guy has any idea what he’s getting into. As soon as we arrived back at my place I made him stand across the room and watch me from afar and then I got up on top of my big glass table and began touching my body all over. I rolled over onto my side showing him my ass and what he had to look forward too, he had the look of a beast in his eye and I could see a his cock was on the rise. He came over closer and tried to touch me but I pushed him away, he had a seat like a good boy as I contiued my naughty ways. I knew that he was more than ready so I started collecting those Bengermin‘s one by one, giving him a bit more every time before finally sucking his eager cock. I made sure to get him all slicked up and then he went behind me and licked my pussy before sticking his cock deep inside me. Martin pulled his cock out of my pussy just long enough for a lick and a suck and then I jumped my happy ass on top and ride his cock as hard as I could. I got up and laid my body on the table as I continued to stand and Martin stuffed his cock in my ass and started pumping it in and out. Martin reeled his cock from inside my ass and I laid down with my tits facing up and then I opened my mouth and Martin shoved his cock inside so that I could finish the job. He shot his cum in my mouth and all over my big tits and then I slipped his cock back in my mouth for one last final suck before rubbing his cum all over and licking my fingers clean.