Mirabel's mams need your mouth!featuring Timo Hardy,  Shantel Feya

Say hello to new face Mirabel as she demonstrates that she too is an extremely talented model and not just a pair of large ta-tas! Denys DeFrancesco and his casting agents always find the most vivid talents, and then of course
he and his camera crews photograph them in action that stamps itself on your memory bank.Mirabel looks like a chick you’d see hanging out at the local pizza parlor or college campus, her big bra-less boobs pressing against her tight pink t-shirt. She lifts her top and shows us her sizable hooters, firm and suckable with crinkly brown nipples. After a lot of nice tease shots, including good peeks at her pink panty crotch under her blue denim mini, Mirabel suddenly finds herself with an immense cock in her mouth, courtesy of Timo Hardy! She sucks it with gusto, and we get to look at her tits the whole time. If this were reality, there would be a lot of opportunity to suckle on her num-nums while she blew that dick and took it in her pussy! Would you like to try that some time, just nurse on a pretty girl’s big tits while she blew and banged another guy? I have to admit the idea is tempting...at least in fantasy, which these hot photos and video send me whirling into! I’m impressionable that way.Although Mirabel gets well-crammed in her debut outing, her tits look a little underused by Timo! I only saw one photo where he was even kissing her boobs! Maybe that’s because the secret message of the photos is that the tits are for US, in the audience?? Twat for Timo, and floppers for fans? Finally Timo begins to fuck her cleavage, and Mirabel looks delighted with that. See the sexy expression in her eyes as she looks right at us while her boobs get coated with spunk! And then Mirabel poses her creamy cans for the camera, so that we can come up close and inspect the mess...oh Mirabel, you’re so sticky now...so gooey...