Mandy the minx inspires fantasies!featuring David Perry,  Mandy Dee

Would you marry a beautiful busty woman if she insisted you allow her to fuck another guy once a month? Well, I guess I’m a total kinkster, because I’d have to say “Yes, I would.” Well...maybe just in fantasy, because
such a reality might be too much to swallow! This is the unusual daydream that popped into my head as I checked out Mandy Dee’s photos with David Perry!But WHAT a fantasy! Through the magic of these pictures, I observed Mandy wait for a massage and then watched masseur David get detoured from rubbing oil on her back to squeezing and sucking her tits and licking her pussy. She gave him some nice suckle time on her nips but then switched to vacuuming his dick for awhile, while looking at me with her heavily mascaraed eyes. I wanted to jump in and suck her nipples while she enjoyed herself, so maybe she’d stroke my neck just like she stroked Dave’s when he was nursing on her rack. Dave covered all the bases with Mandy, even kissing her feet before fucking her from behind. She climbed on top of Dave and rode his dick while feeding her jugs to his hungry lips. Yeah, I could live with a wife who did things like I long as I knew I was still her number one...and as long as she didn’t mind me coming in as close as Denys DeFrancesco’s cameras do, to watch in detailed closeups every long suck of Mandy’s lips on Dave’s dick while her 34DD melons sway back and forth! Yes, it would be married bliss of a truly kinky kind to watch Mandy Dee receiving Dave Perry’s load all over her mouth and chin until it drips and shimmers along her boobies...and then, like a good hubby, to do my best to make wifey all sparkly clean again. Whew. Lemme say it again: what a fantasy!!