Deep Inside Klenot's Cleavagefeaturing Kristi Love

Hi Guys What's going on? It's me Klenot. Some of you guys might know me by Kristi Love, I did change my name but as you can see I'm still packing my big huge tits around. I got myself all dolled up just because that's how
I like to play and then I went out to my sitting room and began touching myself all over. I played with my big tits as I love to do, squeezing them and teasing my big round nipples. Those of you that know me knows that's not enough and I grabbed my vibrator to help me along. I rubbed my toy across my nipple and played with it between my tits and then spread my legs wide open and teased my eager clit. I slipped my top inside my pussy trilling myself from the inside out. I got on all fours with my ass high in the air and fucked my pussy from behind, doggy has always been my favorite position of all because I always get so fucking wet. I laid on my back to finish the job fucking my pussy with long deep strokes and playing with my tits and clit back and forth until I had a really big orgasm.