Roxy vamps us!featuring Roxy Taggart

We get a visit from tough-looking Roxy Taggart, showing off her curvy form in a snug white satin low-cut blouse, pleated plaid skirt, and thigh high stockings and heels. Roxy teases us a lot with her cleavage which is stuffed
into her interestingly shiny black bra.When she takes off the bra, she tugs on her nipples before showing us her pussy, which looks ripe for her glass dildo. She crams the toy inside and gives us lots of “get over here and fuck me” expressions as she squeezes her 32DDs together between her arms. That butterfly tattoo on her torso doesn’t seem entirely appropriate--giving the way she vamps us with her tits and her dark-eyed challenging attitude, a bat might have been more appropriate! So succumb to this sexy vamp