Submissive Anal Whore Anissa Kate Ran Through in BDSM Thrashing GP2013featuring Vince

Mr. Karter, a wealthy businessman has hired a submissive anal whore by the name of Anissa Kate for the night. The pair are in Mr. Karter’s personal gym when it begins. The mood is set when a dog collar connected to leash
is placed around Anissa’s neck and her wrists are bound together. Then, Mr. Karter bends her over his couch and starts penetrating her ass with a glass dildo. When Anissa’s asshole is sufficiently stretched out, he removes the glass dildo from her ass only to replace it with a dildo machine, which continues running through her ass while Mr. Karter pulls his cock out and shoves it in her mouth. After the dildo machine has thoroughly run through Anissa’s ass, it’s now ready for Mr. Karter’s stiff cock, which he then plunges in and out of before blowing his load in her mouth.