Lusty Lesbo Boob Pumping!featuring Laura Orsolya,  Joanna Bliss

Can you imagine working in an office with a staff made up of Joanna “36H” Bliss and Laura “40F” M., whose combined boobage comes to a stunning 76 inches? That’s over six feet of slurp-stimulating mammaries, my friends,
and naturally enough when this pair attempt to collaborate in a sedate corporate setting , they get distracted by each other’s generous endowments. Hungarian Laura is the instigator for the hooter hijinks, taking out a black dildo and inviting the Romanian Joanna to feel up her tits while she penetrates her own pussy.Soon Laura’s squeezing Joanna’s squachies, and pressing Joanna’s mouth to her own melons. Denys DeFrancesco and his camera crews stage some impressive shots, such as one of Joanna kneeling in front of Laura and getting her face crammed between her office mate’s gigantic glands. At the same time, Joanna rests her own heavy bells on Laura’s meaty thigh!!Joanna returns the favor and stands over Laura for awhile, letting the blonde suck on her nipples. Then Joanna takes off her dress and really lets Laura go to town with the squeezing and hefting and tugging and sucking of her enormous globes. Joanna lays back on the desk and Laura stands over her, burying Joanna’s face in her cleavage. Then, as if all this lusty lesbo boobie bumping isn’t enough, Laura gets out some baby oil and massages Joanna’s jigglers, then mashing her own titans against them. And where do WE the audience fit in? Well, the ladies’ farewell smiles to us, only inches above their mighty racks, are the cue for the firing of our pent-up gizzum bombs! Just don’t get any on your keyboards!