The Ever-Incredible Karina!featuring Karina Heart

First off, we have a new set of legendary super babe Karina Heart! This time she's is in the swimming pool in a green bikini that perfectly showcases her 34H-28-40 figure! The light is just wonderful on this Czech goddess
as she moves around the water, emphasizing her cleavage by putting her hands on her chest, or pushing her titties together with her upper arms. Taking down her bra, she criss-crosses her bells with the cups, which makes them jut forward all the more. Bending over, Karina gives us beautiful sideboob views that show her nipples hanging down, ready to be sucked!Laying back in the water, Karina enjoys the sunshine and presses her hands into her nipples. When she turns around and juts her butt out, we get a sexy view of the top of her crack. Then she takes off the bikini cups and lets her glorious knobs hang free. Oh her nipples look so inviting, so large and alluring! Denys DeFrancesco and his camera crews immortalize them in high resolution pix and Full HD video for your fantasy enjoyment.Karina stands up and plays with her bikini bottom, slowly tugging it off. We get to enjoy the shape of her amazingly curvy figure as it’s set off by the blue water behind her. She takes off her bottom and lolls around the edge of the pool, and our DDF cameras come in tight to capture the pink gorgeousness of her nipples lingering at the water line. You can almost feel the lapping of the water on your face as you lower your head to lick and suck those glorious glands. Karina stretches out on her tummy like a pinup, showing us her butt and kicking up her pretty feet and curling her soles. Then she teases us some more with her cleavage as our DDF lenses continue to roam around her and bring back one of the very best sets that has ever been shot of this true Busty Legend! And wait until you see the final shots of Karina and her incredible cantaloupes posed against the blue sky above!! WOW.