Fabulous Flopper Feast!featuring Alison Bright,  Sirale Alena

Those two bosomy bombshells blonde Alison Bright and brunette Sirale attempt vainly to play a game of pool, but with racks like theirs in the vicinity, billiard "racks" are less appealing and everything quickly
turns to games of mammary pleasure! Bursting out of their tittie-accentuating garments, their nipples pushing forth as they attempt to sink a few shots, the gals are soon licking at each other’s humongous jugs. Sirale starts things off by enjoying Alison Bright’s 38Ds as they push over the top of her black bustier, then Alison Bright reciprocates by pulling down Sirale’s red lace camisole and glomming onto those mouthwatering 34Fs. You’ll love the shot of Britney’s red-polished fingernails grasping Sirale’s enormous right tit while she clamps her mouth hungrily on the nipple.Back and forth the ladies go, enjoying their teats as they get comfy on the green felt table. Alison Bright leans over Sirale and feeds her boobs to the brunette, as Sirale spreads her thighs and parts her pussy lips. Then the gals stand on the floor again and Sirale enjoys the opportunity to lick Britney’s beautiful butt, before switching back to Brit’s boobies again. Britney gets in some more hot licks too, as her mouth can’t help but cling to Sirale’s dark inviting nipples! What a feast of fabulous floppers they share!