Strong young amazon!featuring Marie Lambo

As I’ve written elsewhere, amigos, I have a thing for legs as well as boobs, and the combination is damn near lethal for me! I love the idea of working my way up a tall gal’s shapely gams to her big tits. You, too? Marie
would be perfect for a scenario of this kind. She’s a strong young Amazon at 5’8” and 34D-24-36 (she even has a tattoo on her torso that reads, “Be Strong”), and starting off we get lots of great shots of her cleavage in a leopard print bra. She shows it off by stretching back, leaning over, resting on her side...everything designed to make cleavage-peekers like me drool! When she finally shows off her naked beauties, it’s cause for a creamy celebration. My motto is: prolong the lust! So I donate one load between her cleavage and her strip, and then squirt my ejaculatory encore to the second half of her set which focuses on her lovely tittie-play, full of stimulating squeezing of those matchless mounds.ut, my friends, there’s a final surprise that’s horny precisely because it comes out of left field. Marie blows up a huge tomato-red balloon until it bursts. Why is this sexy? I dunno, it just is! Enjoy the photos and HD video as she puffs into the balloon, only a few inches away from her mouthwatering boobs. It all ends as you guess it will, with the balloon suddenly bursting and cute naked Marie dissolving into laughter.