The professor's voyeur fantasy!featuring Mandy Dee,  Oliver Strelly

Remember Mandy Dee? In her last two appearances on our site this Russian doll had a much more sophisticated, sultry look. She’s back but this time she looks like a first year college student with her white blouse, sneakers,
red plaid skirt and matching plaid tie. Her makeup has a more innocent feeling as well. The only clue that this girl might be naughty is her fishnet stockings, and the way she immediately starts to show off her deep cleavage in that blouse.Pictures often send my mind into story-like fantasies. You, too? Here’s my daydream: I imagine being Mandy’s professor, much older than she is. She knows I have a crush on her cute face and tits bursting out of her blouses--and she knows I’m jealous of her student boyfriend Oliver Strelly, whom she’s always hanging onto during class! But she decides I’ve been a "good professor" and she will “treat” me by letting me watch her fuck and suck Oliver...Well, needless to say, Mandy and Oliver’s photo set more than makes this fantasy seem totally real! Mandy looks so hot with a big cock in her mouth, only inches above her 34DDs. She sucks Ollie so deep, and then she takes him so far into her tight pussy, while she looks at her pervy professor (ME!) all the time. Oh Mandy, I wish I could fuck you...or at least suck your tits (Ollie doesn’t seem to do it at all!)...but I know I’m too old to actually touch you...but not too old to JERK OFF IN FRONT OF YOU!!!Wow, Mandy really gets done in her mouth and pussy by Oliver, and she looks at me (US!) all the time. And when she gets a big load on her face, I imagine splatting my own gooey shipment all over her tits! So that was my fantasy looking at Mandy Dee this week. What will YOUR fantasy be?