Jasmine is a mammary masterpiece!featuring Jasmine Black

Okay, I took a cold shower and now I’m back. Back with heroic fortitude to keep my hands on the keyboard so I can write about Jasmine Black’s new pictorial! This set really got my johnson jumping. Jasmine is a beauty who
never rests on her laurels (twenty-five previous appearances on our site!) and always delivers the goods as if it’s her first time in front of a lens. Coming out with her 34DD-25-36 bod in a very pretty blue dress, she shows off both her exciting thighs and her incredible cleavage along with her trademark seductive smile.Denys DeFrancesco and his camera crews go over every inch of Miss Black’s tantalizing territory with their own trademark eye for erotic detail! Even Jasmine’s slingback open-toed shoes are shown, for those us who’d be ready to kiss her high heels if that’s what it took to earn the privilege of moving our mouths upward for the ultimate reward of the lady’s magnificent num-nums.I really like the way this set gives us huge closeups of every possible tittie pose, whether it’s Jasmine sucking her own boob or pressing her rack against a doorway. Ye ole newsletter scribe also loved the shots where she lifted her arms above her head to give us several stimulating views of her smooth armpits!! Then she kneels and takes down her filmy blue panties and shows off her shaved box. Oh how tight and sweet it looks! Then we get some more armpit views and doggie style shots and a deeper peek into the cavern of her cunny! It’s all topped off with some pinup-style vistas of Jas on her back, her gorgeous gazongas propped under her arm and just tempting us to...to...TO SQUIRT! Oh god I gave in...and YOU WILL TOO to this masterpiece of boob photography.