Sturdy Charlie in chesty debut!featuring Charlie M.

Meet new face Charlie, a dark blonde with a serious expression, a sturdy body, shapely legs in black thigh high stockings, and an impressive pair of sweater puppies. After showing us her cleavage in a sultry red-and-black
bra, Charlie bares her boobs with a shy smile that’s surprising because she looks like she knows the score and maybe she’s had some hard times in this life. Charlie seems fresh to modeling so she probably looks so serious because she’s just trying to learn the ropes of posing and to get us to take out our peckers and make messy spectacles of ourselves. I bet seeing THAT would make her smile! Charlie has a huge crucifix tattoo on her back and strong thighs and calves that are perched on shiny red platform heels. She spreads her pussy briefly and then stares at us deeply with her lovely blue eyes. Ye old newsletter scribe has the feeling we might be seeing Charlie again on one of the DDF sites dressed up like a stern dominatrix or a female warden who makes her slaves or prisoners lick her heels while they beg for a taste of her titties. Yes, it’ll be interesting to see what this curvy Amazon will be up to next!