Goddess in glasses!featuring Sexy Venera

She’s called Sexy Venera and she’s a new face on our site! I love her combination of nerdy glasses, low-cut blue halter top, stretchy blue lace bra, blue jean cut-offs and open-toed high-heeled boots! We start with lots
of cleavage teasing, especially with Venera looking over the tops of her glasses like a schoolteacher catching a pupil doing something naughty. Yes, Miss Venera, we feel naughty and how can we not, the way you show us the deep valley between your boobies and then take off your blouse and pose in your bra and show us how your titties stuff the cups??Then you slowly tug off your bra and finally show us your bare breasties as we look up from the kneeling position! Please feed us your nipples! We want to suck!!Thank you, Denys DeFrancesco and your photo crews! I am really having a “hard” time picking which photos are my favorites! I love the back views too, where Venera tugs down her cut-offs and presses her paps against her torso and only lets us see them from the sides! You really know how to pose, Venera, and thank you for doing your pix and video!