Plastering her paps for posterity!featuring Karina Heart

Karina Heart! This Czech stunner with the innocent face and tantalizing toppers has appeared in ten sets including her update today! In her new set, Karina gets her rack immortalized when two attractive young ladies prepare
her tits for casting in Plaster of Paris! This is a ritual that has been practiced with jiggle queens since time immemorial--in fact, I’ve seen an old pictorial and film of the 1950s stripper Tempest Storm and her 40DDs getting the same thing done to her in front of a crew of newspaper reporters.Anyway, first the girls coat Karina’s chest puppies with some protective goo, and then they pour on plaster to make the cast. Don’t try this at home without proper precautions, as it can be dangerous (at least according to what I read on Wikipedia)! But in the skilled hands of our comely crew, Karina’s paps are soon plastered for posterity, but not before one of the ladies playfully tries to lick the cast!!