Busty babe as dominatrix [Part 1]featuring Karina Heart

Karina Hart always looks like such a wholesome babe, and maybe that’s why it’s so exciting to see this Busty Legend dressed in leather with really slutty lipstick and shiny black stiletto thigh-high boots. She even brandishes
a whip! I don’t know about you, but I find the idea of a sweet “gal next door” turned into a controlling dominatrix to be a major turn-on. MAJOR!! And when that domme has huge 34H tits, well, I’m pretty much reduced to a hopeless puddle of masturbation hunger! I must stare and stroke and squirt!!Karina smacks her cat-o-nine-tails around, but her main weapon in conquering us susceptible breast-slaves is her cleavage, practically bursting out of her leather halter. She licks her lips, as if saying, “You wish you could taste my titties, don’t you, wankers?” She flashes her pussy too, as a boost to our testicular tightening. Our balls are going to be mighty blue by the time Lady Karina is finished with us! Then when we’re completely helpless, she reveals her boobs, her gigantic pale nipples making us ache for a suck.But Mistress Karina has more teasing planned. No nookie for us, as she sucks on a gigantic brown dildo with a bright orange-red tip! She wraps the thongs of her whip around the base of the proxy prick, as she shows us what her oral skills are like when she finds a man worthy of her blowjobs! But that’s not us, in this little role-play! We only deserve to be teased! We’re watching her suck and tit-fuck that enormous brown shaft! It almost looks real! It almost looks like it’s going to spurt! Oh gosh what beautiful tantalizing cruelty a warm-hearted girl like Goddess Karina Hart is capable of, when she does as she pleases, no holds barred!!!