Slick and shiny for pleasure!featuring Rebecca Jessop

That 5’10” Amazon from the United Kingdom, Rebecca Jessop, returns for her ninth appearance on not a moment too soon! As is clear from the fan comments on the site, Miss Jessop has made a striking impression
on the minds and cocks of our members. “Fabulous!” said aquarelle. “Sexy as hell!” said candy101. “Incredibly sexy!” said paluzziluv. So for all you fans--and we include ourselves, of course!--here’s more of this 32I-27-40 sensation!This time Rebecca wears a transparent body wrap that barely conceals the contours of her amazing figure. We can see her brown nipples peeking through, and the shape of her overflowing orbs. First she leans against a massage table and teases us with her bare legs and feet as she tugs up the hem of her garment. We get a lot of this tease until she finally pulls the wrap off her body as she lays on the table. What an incredible form! In earlier eras, painters such as Titian and Rubens would have made her one of their star models and her image would today be hanging in the great museums of the world! But we have Rebecca here in 2012 thanks to the cameras of Denys DeFrancesco and his crews, as they capture her peeling down her thong and then oiling up her fantastic floppers until they're slick and shiny. She rubs her boobs thoroughly, playing with her nipples, sliding her hands between her drenched cleavage. Crouching on her knees on the table, she’s like a voluptuous pinup dream!Rebecca takes out a purple vibrator, sucks on it, and rubs it across her boobs and into her quim. In and out she thrusts the toy, showing off her body to us from every possible position. Finally she explodes on its buzzy power, her gorgeous glands shaking and swaying with every twitch of her satisfied twat. You won’t want to miss this incredible show!