Laura’s collector’s item!featuring Laura Orsolya

Laura M. is here for the Big 4-0: her fortieth appearance on our site, that is! The lusty 35-year-old Hungarian has been a star here ever since she first appeared in July 2005, and with her Amazonian figure (5’10” and 40F-29-40)
and horny performances has become one of the true Busty Legends at The Very Breast Around. This time she teases us with the deep valley of her cleavage in a stretchy waist cincher, bra, panties and stockings, while at the same time playing with a colorful but uninflated red balloon covered with starry white bursts. She licks the balloon and lets her tits sway over its rubbery surface, and even sticks it into her smooth pussy so that it hangs out between the lacy tops of her thigh-high nylons. Laura leans over and her tits look like torpedos as they jut forward even as she wraps her bra straps around them. The DDF cameras come in close to capture startling views of the balloon dangling from her quim, the red rubber stuck in the deep dark shaven groove just underneath the tattoo of Chinese characters that is imprinted over her mound.After rubbing her knockers on the balloon a little more, Laura then inflates it with a pump! It gets bigger and bigger, almost looking like a giant strawberry if you squint your eyes--but no matter how colossal it gets, no mere balloon can be as awesome as the rack of Laura M.! It is, after all, only a balloon, and she is an extraordinarily well-endowed creation of Mother Nature! But after playing with the balloon some more--sitting on it, resting her jugs on it, and rubbing it between her thighs, Laura autographs it, bestowing a legendary quality upon it, certifying its status as the world’s luckiest balloon, and turning it into a truly remarkable collector's item for Laura M. fans everywhere!