Satisfying her chesty urges!featuring Jasmine Black

Jasmine Black is back in an office setting, which is an especially perfect one for her commanding presence. First let’s discuss her sexy outfit, with a light blue checked blouse with its buttons opened deep to present her
tantalizing cleavage. How could anybody concentrate in an office where Jasmine was walking around, showing off not only her cleavage but her curvy body in a tight black skirt with a wide belt? When she opens that blouse wider, we see a colorful brassiere worthy of her 34DDs. Releasing her tits from the cups, and her pussy from the matching thong, Jasmine shares her endowments with us. If this be sexual harassment in the office, harass on, dear lady!!Jasmine leans over so her heavy bells swing and sway, and she pinches her nipples and presses her fists against her tit flesh as the cameras of Denys DeFrancesco and his crews capture it all. Miss Black lifts up her tits to suck and squeeze, pulling her nipples deeply into her lips. Then she squats down on the floor and fingers her pussy with those elegantly manicured fingers. Crawling around on the floor, her hangers jiggle back and forth before our hungry eyes. Laying back on the desk, Jasmine spreads her pussy with that intense dark-eyed look in her eyes that signals she’s ready for some orgasms. Fingering herself, she brings an ecstatic smile to her face, then she starts playing with a T-square, which leads us to believe this is some kind of architectural or design office. Using the yellow metal instrument, she lifts up her breasts, then lays back and rubs the T-square against her pussy while our cameras shoot down from above, watching her writhe in delight as her nipples crinkle and her boob flesh slides across her torso. Jasmine winds up in a chair at the end, spreading her pink and sucking her titties, almost impatient for the feeling of mouths on her body, suckling and satisfying her endless urges!