Tidal wave of tits!featuring Sexy Venera

That amazing phenomenon Sexy Venera is back to tempt us with her 34Gs! Our members really love Venera--as this is being written, she’s rated as our top model--and it’s easy to see the reasons for this love when you check
out her new appearance. Barely held in by her black halter top while she plays pool, Venera vamps us with her big eyes and seductive smile as she bends over to give us views of her cleavage. Then her jacket comes off and we can look at that alluring back of hers, and her taut ass in her black jeans. The jeans soon come off and so does that halter, so that Venera can heft her hooters before our drooling mouths and awestruck eyes. She plays a little more pool, resting her melons against the table as she tries to set up her shots. It’s like a tidal wave of tits overflowing the red edge of the table! Venera sits down, lifting up her arms, and presses the cue between her cleavage and licks it. Then she stretches out on the table itself, letting her globes rub against the green felt. Thanks to Denys DeFrancesco and his ever-vigilant camera crews, we get great shots of Venera looking over her shoulder, setting up profiles of her paps from behind. Next we’re treated to some great vistas of Venera as she kneels on the table, with those incredible hangers swinging free, swaying like lovely bells. She looks as if she’s waiting for us to crawl into the picture and position our faces under her boobs and begin sucking. You’ll see the effect of gravity on her amazing jugs, with every sexy stretch of her skin obvious as the weight of her rack is pulled downward! And then she lays on her back so we can enjoy her tits jiggling across her torso, their fine blue veins and pale nipples an invitation to all the tit-slurping and cleavage-fucking fantasies a breast-lover can have! Don’t miss this incredible show in pix and HD video!!