Twin tittie planets!featuring Laura Orsolya

Laura M. returns for her 36th appearance! This time the voluptuous Hungarian hottie poses in a man’s style pink shirt on the edge of a bathtub, her 40F cleavage glimpsed within. Leaning over, she gives us a view of her pendulous
paps just as her nipples slide out, already stiff and suckable.Laura gets into the water, wets herself with the spray attachment, rubbing her boobs through the shirt and then squirting lotion in her valley. She hefts her soapy hooters in her hands as they glitter with bubbles and water, then she leans against the transparent side of the tub and gives us a unique underwater view of her enormous glands as they press like balloons against the blue glass. They look as if they’re floating in some faraway galaxy like Twin Tittie Planets!Laura settles back in the tub, her jugs floating on the water as she pulls aside her panties (she never took them off!) and plays with her pussy. The cameras of Denys DeFrancesco and his crews come in tight for enormous closeups of her colossal gazongas. Then Laura stands up and sucks her nipples while looking as if she wants to invite us to join her in the tub! With a gleam in her eyes, she presses her fists against her hooters and then ties her shirt into a halter under her rack. She peels down her panties and then uses them as a harness for her tits as she sits back on the edge of the tub. Then Laura lays down in the water again, submerging and drenching her humongous hangers in the foam. When she gets out of the tub, she sits down on a towel and gives us a tour of her twat, all pink and sparkling clean! What a show!!