Yuki is a fantastic new find!featuring Yuki Kori

Meet Yuki Kori, a real girl-next-door type who just happens to have a pair of 40C sweater puppies that make her anything but ordinary! The blue-eyed twenty-year old poses for us in a short ivory-colored dress before peeling
down to her lacy bra and panties. We get terrific views of the valley between her knockers as she lays on the bed, still in the bra. I don’t know about you, but I love to see big boobies pushed together in their cups, the nipples not yet showing.Eventually, though, Yuki lifts her breasts out of the boulder-holder and we see her large pale nipples. She squeezes her beauties together while giving us flirty looks.Yuki stretches out on the bed and shows us her pussy. We see her bright pinkness, while she flicks her tongue at us like the naughty playful creature she is. Her bra finally gone, she plays with her snatch and licks her titties while looking at us with a serious yearning for cock in her eyes. “I need to be laid now,” she seems to be saying in the huge closeups of her pretty girlish face over those womanly jugs.Well, I could go on and on. The cameras of Denys DeFrancesco and his crews capture some amazing shots that put us right under or between Yuki’s titties, not to mention between her thighs. There are horny doggie style poses that show her bells hanging down all soft and suckable. Ye gods, what a sexy, fuckable girl! And then there are bonus shots at the end where she’s pressing her boobs against a wall. What a great debut for a sweetie I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of.