Tata-Tastic Tastiness!featuring Eva Notty

Let your mind wander for awhile. You’re on vacation by yourself and you’re laying by the pool. You close your eyes to relax in the sun, and when you briefly open your orbs for a moment, you see a vision across the way--Eva
Notty in a black bikini on the other side! Holy moly, talk about visions! Her 34I (as in “ai-yai-yai!”) jumbo jigglers are practically leaping out of the skimpy restraints of her top, and you realize too that at 5’8”, with those high heels Eva is nothing less than an Amazon! She teases you as you take out your tool to stroke in awestruck tribute at her towering tata-tastic tastiness, showing you her beige crinkly nips as she lotions her bells--and then also slides off her bikini bottom to give you a gander at her gashy goodness too. You’re ready to swim across the pool to her, but you’re too busy whacking your wazoo because she has that effect on you, so you keep on tuggin' as she spreads that hot ass and lets you peek at her bungie. By the time she slides into the pool to let those knockers nestle together like a flesh grotto on the edge of the water, you’re ready to spunk--but hold off until the end, bro, when she gives you one last glimpse of those scrumptious nips on those round, bulging beauties--nips that are hardened for maximum chewy sucking pleasure! SPURT! SPURT-SPURT-SPURT!!!