When Cantaloupes Collide!featuring Maserati,  Eva Notty

Those superstars of stacked womanhood Eva Notty and Maserati, both from the United States of America, team up in the bathroom in this meeting of the cantaloupes! After admiring their bras, they get cozy and squeeze melons.
You’ll love the huge closeup where both of their tongues flick at one of the Notty nips. The ways they fondle and nuzzle their boobs--Eva’s 34I stunners and Maserati’s 36H knockouts--are exciting to behold. They sit on the edge of the bathtub, their legs and jugs and arms entwining playfully.Peeling down their panties, they pose like two Venuses before us, in pictures suitable for framing and blowing up into shrines! Next these busty pornstars settle in the bathtub for the next phase of their new Full HD video, where Eva sprays Maserati’s ebony rack until it glistens glowingly. The girls press their paps together and let the water pour down between them.Then it’s time for some liquid soap. Maserati holds up Eva’s right tit as the lotion pours down, and then Eva returns the favor to soap up her friend. Soon the lather shimmers all over Maserati’s luscious torso. Then Maserati does the same to Eva, standing behind her and swirling the soap over her friend’s glorious glands.Following this, they rinse thoroughly and Maserati kneels to lick a little of that fine Notty nookie! Eva does the same to her pal, before they both lean over the tub for a great vista of their four boobs before toweling off in front of us!