The Incredible Onefeaturing Vanessa

Nothing like starting off the week with a new set of one of our top favorites around here, the one and only Vanessa from Poland, whom we like to think of as “The Incredible One!” Her warm inviting face tops a body that
can only be described as BEYOND legendary! Standing 5’5” with a 34DD-30-41 figure of primal womanliness, she has curves to spare and the posing talents to make you feel she’s right there next to you! You can almost feel the sweetness of her breath on your face as she stands close to the camera and squeezes those colossal bells together, or hefts them in her hands as she gets into a Jacuzzi full of splashing water. Look at her hooters gleam in the drink as she lifts them to her mouth to lap at her own nipples. Turning on the faucet full-blast, she enjoys the spray on her snatch with its nice lawn of pubic hair, and then she works her clam over with a vibrator standing in for the millions of us who’d like to give this gazonga goddess a tool tumble in the hay!