Knockout Heavenfeaturing Nessi Boob

Sometimes the classic pinup approach is the best when it comes to photography of gorgeous girls! Here today we get Nessi Boob from Czeck Republic, that 5’8” brunette stunner with the 40DD-25-36 bod, standing against the
water wall wearing a broad-brimmed hat just like gals used to wear all the time in the Swinging Sixties. Combined with her leopard-print bikini, this all gives Magda a fabulous “retro knockout” look! Of course the hat comes off, and the bra, and we see revealed Nessi Boob’s flowing tresses and those big beautiful cantaloupes. Oh, and did we mention Nessi Boob’s enjoying an ice cream cone? Somehow we almost overlooked that, until she sticks it in her cleavage and the melting proceeds apace! Nessi Boob rubs the ice cream between her knobs, and you can imagine the feeling of the cool cream against her warm sun-burnished bells! Then, once she’s free of the cone, she can just enjoy the water cascading down the wall over her. These shots are the best, as Nessi Boob stands on her tiptoes in her thong sandals and lets the liquid drench her hair and the slopes of her sensuous form. Our DDF cameras come in tight to capture the hardening of her dark brown nipples in the spray, and you can almost imagine running your fingers through the shimmering locks of her hair just before you cram your face into her cleavage for a taste of knockout knocker heaven!!