Gorgeous and Gift-Wrappedfeaturing Delzangel

Here’s a newbie to our site from the United Kingdom. Delzangel comes to us in a kind of lingerie gift-wrapping, you might say, because once she takes off her sheer top, we see her gigantic bust arrayed in a pretty hot pink
bow! The garters holding up her sheer black stockings have similar bows as well. Delzangel leans over a pool table, and our DDF cameras come in close to shoot upward and get the planetary hugeness of her juggs as they hover over the lens. Delzangel presses her knockers together to create an intense cleavage, the tightness of which you can only imagine as the purest snug ecstasy around a breast man’s shaft! Our model gets onto the pool table and finally unwraps her globes, pressing them forward in their nakedness with her upper arms even as our camera observes the roundness from many angles. Only after she’s thoroughly let our eyes absorb the spherical wonder of her mammary marvels does Delzangel finally look ready to get down to a game of eight ball!!