Luna's Gravity Challengefeaturing Luna Amor

That Romanian sensation Luna Amor returns with a really classic big breast action show. All you have to see is the trampoline in the opening of the Full HD video or pics to know what we mean! First Luna tempts us with her
cleavage in her pink industrial-strength boulder-holder which does its duty supporting her magnificent 42D jugs. Then she climbs onto the trampoline with predictably delightful results, given the gravity challenge presented when she jumps up and down! Watch Luna bounce in the air with her tits swinging and swaying and smushing under her hands as she grabs them. During a little time-out where she lays on her back as the sunlight comes through the overhead leaves and dapples her dugs, Luna gifts us with some fine pancake shots as well, and pushes her paps upward between her arms. Miss Amor then gets her second wind and, going bare, jumps rope to bring us yet another dimension in breast-bobbling fun. But Luna is still not done. She lays back, presses her glands together, spreads her clam, and then gives her nipples some fond licks as this excellent session with our Model of the Day comes to a close. It’s a feast of big naturals you’ll return to again and again!