Lucy Li Pays A Robber With Her Pussy And Her Big Boobsfeaturing Bruce

It’s just a regular day at work for Lucy, and she’s bored as hell. Just as she thought how she would love for something exciting to happen - a robber with a mask on gets into the room and starts threatening her with a pencil
that he will kill her if she doesn’t give him all the money! She tells him that there’s no money in her office at all, but that she might have something better to offer! She starts to seduce him with her cleavage and sees that he’s quite confused! He starts licking her tits like they're the tastiest ice cream ever! She gets down and starts sucking his dick, making it all wet, sticky and ready for a nice tit-fuck! She puts it between her tits and starts to massage it in a way that makes him go berserk! He puts her on the table, spreads her legs and starts to finger her cunt very hard! After a while, robber turns her around and starts fucking her from behind! After that, he sits on the table as Lucy is sliding on his dick up and down! He comes on those beautiful natural boobs of hers! What a robbery!