Making our day with her coconuts!featuring Monalee

Hey Guys, Did you miss while I was away? I went down to Spain for a week. I just had to get some sun on my body, it’s still acting like the middle of winter in Prague.Well I’m back and needless to say the sun felt really
great, now I’m ready for summer and ready to show off my sexy young body. As a soon as I got back to home I started calling my friends to have a little party but as luck would have it most of them are still out of town getting a short vacation in before the summer tourist season. So I’m at home all alone with no one to play with but me, myself and I. But just knowing that your eyes are on me makes me all warm inside. I stood against the wall caressing my body, rubbing my boobs and then my stomach before touching and rubbing my pussy up and down. I laid down on the bed on my side and then rolled onto my back and began rubbing and squeezing my boobs and caressing my sexy legs. I pulled my bra down and began playing my nipple, teasingly rubbing it around and around and then I slowly ran my hand down my body and began rubbing my snatch. I slipped my fingers inside my panites teasing my eager twat and then I caressed my body all over before slipping my hand. My pussy felt warm and soft as I rubbed myself up and down, I could be doing this all alone but it’s so much better to have you around. I got up and pulled my bra all the way down and started rubbing and squeezing my tits and then I laid back down and started rubbing my pussy, I could feel myself getting wet. I reached up and started playing with my tits as I continued rubbing my happy pink and then I pulled my panties to the side and rubbed my pussy bare. I rubbed with my nipples keeping them on point and then I played with my boobs, I know I’m probabily just I bit bias but I think I have a great body, sometimes it’s hard for me to make a choice of what to play with first. I pulled my panties down to my thighs and played with my pussy and tits and then I got up on my knees and rubbed my pussy from below as I rubbed and squeezed my boobs. I stuck my finger in my mouth and got it all wet and then I rubbed it’s wetness on my nipples, teasing myself up even more. I laid down flat on my back and took my panties off and then I slipped my finger inside my twat and started moving it in and out. My pussy was so hot and wet and I knew it wouldn‘t be long before I had an orgasm so I slipped another finger insdie my pussy giving myself twice the thrill. I slid my fingers in and out of my snatch, spread my pink and played with my boobs and then I slid my fingers back inside my wet pink hole and fingered myself hard and fast until I felt my pussy tighten up and then it felt like it just exploded, giving myself a massive orgasm that sent chills through my entire body. I rubbed my happy pussy up and down and played with my boobs and then I got up into Doggy and rubbed and squeezed my tts some more.